Sunday, August 13, 2017

2017 Relaunch.

Mao Money, Mao Problems is being relaunched. The primary goal of this effort is to provide readers with timely updates and analysis of China’s business cycle asrelevant data becomes available. The basic framework of these writings is that China, like all other economies, has a structure of production that is more important than the size of aggregate economic activity. A re-adjustment is overdue, and that adjustment will most likely manifest itself in a massive devaluation of the Chinese renminbi. When that adjustment happens, a few quality companies and assets will be excessively undervalued. Ideally, those opportunities are identified early.

On a monthly basis, readers will have updates on the stock market valuation, private sector interest rates, relative price trends, and money supply data.  On a daily basis, readers will have updates on China-related disclosures of U.S.-listed companies.