Sunday, August 20, 2017

Corporate Demand Deposits in China up 16.8% in July, 2017.

Corporate demand deposits in China rose to CNY44.3 trillion at the end of July, according to the People's Bank of China.  This is an increase of 16.8% over the previous year. Currency in circulation increased 6.1% over the same period, to CNY6.7 trillion. Both of these rates of increases are higher than the devaluation of the Chinese renminbi to the U.S. dollar and the increase in the Chinese consumer price index over the same period. This means that newly created money is mostly remaining within China, but is not flowing into consumer goods.

Over the last five years, the compound annual growth rate of corporate demand deposits has been 13.7% and the compound annual growth rate of currency in circulation has been 6.2%. July’s number for the growth of currency in circulation was slightly below the longer-term average, but the number for the growth in corporate demand deposits was higher than the longer-term average. This means that firms are receiving the majority of new credit creation, and this is being put into excess capacity creation, not consumption.